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View Sweet Chicken Chili Recipe
. So easy to put in the slowcooker and. Cut the chicken into thin strips then coat in the egg wash and flour.

Sweet Chili Chicken Wings Maggi
Sweet Chili Chicken Wings Maggi from

It is addictively good, super easy to make, and healthier than the restaurant version. It's really more of a formula than a recipe. Soft,juicy,melt in mouth chicken chunks fried and tossed in thai sweet chili sauce.

Sweet chili chicken strips make a delicious appetizer or are great served for dinner.

Asian sweet chili chicken is so crispy, sticky, sweet, slightly spicy and completely addicting you won't even miss your favorite asian takeout. Made with green chile, chicken, corn and blended chickpeas to make it thick and creamy. And so i had to fiddle up my own recipe. I made a hasty pot of chicken chili in the hazy newborn days this summer because i hadn't then or now shaken this obsessive need to only consume meals that can be.